Flex Connect Elite Staffing

Diversity and Equal Opportunities

Equal opportunities in recruitment. Ensuring a diverse shortlist for all assignments

FlexConnect Elite Staffing LLC, applies a diversity and inclusion policy when working with clients to ensure that the most appropriate shortlist is submitted.

  • Candidates are selected based on skills, experience and ability to perform the required tasks. They are not rejected based on age, disability, gender, marriage/civil partnership,, pregnancy/maternity, race, ethnicity, colour, nationality, national origin, religion or sexual
  • FlexConnect Elite Staffing LLC, actively advertises vacancies on a variety of platforms with the aim to widen the candidate market as much as possible in which we recruit to ensure a diverse talent
  • FlexConnect Elite Staffing LLC audit job adverts to speak to a broader range of candidates, gearing language to appeal to the target demographic where
  • FlexConnect Elite Staffing LLC work with organizations to optimise their employer brand to appeal to wide talent pools, working to promote existing benefits and values which will appeal to diverse candidates
  • FlexConnect Elite Staffing LLC aims to use partners that share similar beliefs and have a diversity policy.
  • Consultant interview questions will relate to the requirements of the job only.
  • Applicants are short listed solely on the basis of capability
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